Indonesia's First & Largest Mega-Scale Warehouse Solutions Provider

Since its establishment in 2010, PT Mega Manunggal Property Tbk (MMP) has consistently developed its logistics property business, starting with the construction of the Unilever Mega Distribution Center. With a strong commitment to international standards, MMP has become a trusted name in the industry.

In 2015, MMP conducted a successful initial public offering, listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as "MMLP". The proceeds were utilized to acquire strategic lands and invest in businesses aligned with MMP's vision.

Today, MMP boasts a portfolio of 13 strategically located warehouses across Greater Jakarta and East Java. With 9 owned by the company and 4 managed assets, we ensure compliance with international MNC and 3PL standards.

Our tailored build-to-suit solutions, mega-scale warehouses, and strategic locations cater to diverse industry needs. Let us expertly manage your storage requirements, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Our Vision

To be a leading and sustainable warehouse developer and warehouse service company

Our Mission

To be the preferred partner to our customers in providing logistic business with our premiere warehouse infrastructure, innovative solution, and sustainable service

Our Mega Milestones

We take immense pride in our journey and the significant milestones we have achieved along the way.


The Company obtained the ISO 14001 international standard certification for environmental management systems that would assist the Company in identifying, prioritizing, and managing environmental risks as part of normal business practice



from partnering with MMP warehouse management to support your modern logistic properties:
Expand in Our Mega-Capacity Warehouses

MMP specializes in developing warehouses ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 sqm, and currently manages a total area of 541 thousands sqm. Since our establishment in mid-2010, we have a proven track record of building complex constructions that maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Customize Your Specific Warehouse Needs

At MMP, we understand that every business has unique storage needs and challenges, including location, size, temperature, and more. With our proven track record in acquiring land, developing and managing logistic properties, we offer customizable Build-to-Suit services, providing flexibility in location and warehouse facility design according to client specifications.

Optimize Operations with International Standards

Our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities meet international MNC and 3PL corporate standards, providing space efficiency, high floor weight capacity, and adequate pillar interval spacing and ceiling height. We offer logistics solutions designed for high-performance modern logistics to optimize your operations and support your business growth.

Accelerate from Accessible Strategic Locations

Located in the industrial hub of Java Island, our warehouses offer convenient access to transportation networks and a skilled labor workforce. Strategically positioned near major transportation routes, we provide cost-effective logistics solutions and convenient transportation options for employees.

Maximize with High-performance Logistic Properties

MMP warehouses optimize loading efficiency with modern facilities, including car berths for quick and efficient truck loading and dock shelters to protect from outside elements during cargo handling. Additionally, we provide a comfortable and conducive office environment for employees.

Ensure Innovative & Cost-effective Solutions

MMP focuses on technology innovation to provide top-notch services in managing high-quality warehouses with 24/7 security and customer service to support clients' logistics needs. We continuously leverage integrated IT infrastructure for secure operations & invest in productivity-boosting technology.


Our Modern & Fully-Equipped Facilities

Our facilities are optimized with essential criteria to ensure high-performance logistics operations, such as:
Dock Shelters
Dock Shelters

to prevent entry of outside rain, wind, dust, etc. during cargo handling.

Car Berths
Car Berths

to enhance efficiency in cargo loading/unloading.

Office Space
Office Space

to ensure a better working environment for employees.

Ceiling Height
Ceiling Height

with 5.0m height or more to enable the use of forklifts to handle cargo.

Floor Weight Capacity
Floor Weight Capacity

with 1.5t/m2 capacity or more to enable the use of forklifts.

Pillar Interval Spacing
Pillar Interval Spacing

with 8.0m spacing or more to enhance work efficiency

Celebrating Our Achievements

Below are some of our awards that showcase our relentless pursuit of greatness and excellence in the industry
Indonesia Property Award 2019
Indonesia Property Award 2019
ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate