Unilever Mega Distribution Center

MDP-MMP Warehouse V

MDP -MMP Warehouse V

this 62.000 Sqm warehouse was build to suit for Lazada. Located at  Tapos, Depok, the warehouse was design and specifically build to answer the needs of modern E-commerce logistics business

Land Area : 90.180 sqm
Location : Tapos, Depok
Warehouse area: 62.000 sqm

User : Lazada

This mega distribution center warehouse is considered our company’s signature warehouse with the following specs:

  • Floors capacity holds up to 4 tons/sqm
  • Flat floors (FF;Floor Flatness 3mm in every 3 meter max)
  • Parking space
  • Loading & dispatch dock
  • Sprinkler on racking, head sprinkler K14 Quick Response
  • Standard ULFM fire extinguisher
  • Lease includes racking, sprinkler, interior
  • Nett height ceiling to floor : 12 m