Li & Fung Logistics

Mega Properti Logistik Nusantara

Land Location Jalan Raya Narogong No.14, Limus Nunggal, Cileungsi, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Land Area  ±49.973 m²
Warehouse Building  ±29.196 m² (including office, aerosol & battery charger)
–    Loading Bay  1080 m²
–    Finger Dock 45 m² (at Outbound Dry WH 1)
–    Fork Lift Ramp 25 m² (at Center Outbound Loading Bay)
Other Areas
–    Mezzanine Dry WH 1 503 m²
–    Mezzanine Dry WH 2 556 m²
–    Mezzanine Dry WH 3 585 m²
–    Mezzanine Cool WH 314 m²
–    Office 1st Floor 48 m² (4 Unit at Dry WH1, Dry WH2, Dry WH3 & Cool WH)
–    Office Mezzanine 54 m² (2 Unit at Dry WH1, Dry WH3)
–    Aerosol Room  324 m² (1 Unit at Dry WH3)
–    Battery Charging  81 m² (4 Unit at Dry WH1, Dry WH2, Dry WH3 & Cool WH)
 Supporting Building  
–    Guard House  2 Unit
–    Locker Area  ± 160 Persons
–    Toilet  Yes
–    Canteen  yes
–    Prayer Room  Yes
–    Driver Rest Room  Yes, 4 point area
–    Utility room Yes (pump room, gwt, power house, genset and panel room)
–    Truck Park 25 Lot
–    Car Park 19 Lot
–    Motor Park 78 Lot
–    Disposal area yes
Warehouse Effective Height 12.0 m
Column Grid 18 m (width)
Warehouse Floor Load 5 tons/m² (Warehouse Area)
2 tons/m² (Loading Bay, Inbound & Outbound Area)
1 tons/m² (Mezzanine Area)
Warehouse Floor Height 1.20 m above the ground
Floor Reinforced Concrete finished with powder hardener, flatness FF30 FL 25
Loading Bay Area Front width 5 m from warehouse
w/ canopy width 12 m
Canopy Canopy width 12 m (Front Area)
Canopy width 10 m (Back Area)
Air Change 5x per hour
Warehouse Racking Optional.
Bumper guard Yes.
Dock Leveler 9 unit
Ramp forklift Yes. 1 Unit
Foundation Concrete pile with pile-cap.
Slab Reinforced concrete
Column Reinforced concrete
Beam Reinforced concrete
Rafter (Roof) Steel Structure
Canopy Steel Structure
Loading/Unloading Door  Electric Rolling Door 2.8 m (w) x 3.0 m (h) (32 Gates)
 Electric Rolling Door 2.8 m (w) x 6 m (h) (4 Gates)
Emergency Door Steel Door w/ Painted finish
Bollard Black steel Pipe (Ø 4″) w/ Painted finish (height = 1 m)
Concrete Column Guard Yes (Steel 50x50x5 w/ Painted finish)
Walls AAC Wall + Painted Finish
Corrugated Metal Cladding (warehouse) with wall light/glass block
Roof Corrugated Metal Roof (thickness = 0,45 mm), boltless system with
Aluminum Bubble Insulation & Skylight (3% of Warehouse area)
Gutter Metal sheet
Floor Ceramic tile (exclude warehouse floor); Floor Hardener (warehouse floor)
Fence BRC Fence (front side) & Concrete Panel (3 sides)
Main Gate Yes. Electric.
Drainage Concrete Drainage
Pavement Truck area: Rigid Conc. Pavement
Pedestrian & Small Vehicle: Conc. Block Pavement
Flag Pole Yes. Stainless steel
Concrete Curbing Yes.
Road Painting By tenant
Exterior Paint Weather shield paint, color refer to MMP’s Standard
Landscape Grass and plants
Artificial Lighting Interior : LED Lamp
Exterior : Sodium Fluorescent Lamp
150 Lux at 1.5 m for Warehouse Lighting and 250 Lux at 1.5 m for Office,
100 Lux at 1.5 m for Exterior Lighting
Emergency Lighting Yes, Individual w/ battery
Electrical Installation Refer to PUIL Standard
Back up And emergency power Electricity generator will be provided (can accommodate 50% of total
power required of the entire building)
 Battery Charging Power 16A – 32A 380 V & Exhaust Fan
 Fire Alarm Semi-addressable System
Smoke / Heat Detector Yes
Access Control By tenant
Power Supply One phase-220 V and three phase-380 V (actual kilowatts to be deter-
mined by Landlord and agreed/ approved by tenant)
CCTV System By tenant
Sound System Only Car Call
Data System By tenant
Energy Saving Sensor By tenant
Telephone By tenant
Down Spot PVC Pipe
Ventilation Natural Ventilation in the Warehouse (no mechanical ventilation)
Exhaust Fan in Battery Charging Room
Air Conditioning Only in Office Area & Cool Room Warehouse
Dock Leveler 7×8 ft Hydraulic Dock Leveler
Fire Fighting Overhead water sprinkler system, wet standpipe (ie. Fire hose) system.
This will include a water sprinkler system on the underside of the entire
roof structure as well as fire-hose boxes at ground-level, with quantity
and locations as per fire NFPA or local regulations / code.
Outdoor hydrant boxes.
Refer Local Standard + Fire Extinguisher
Max. Interior Ambient Temp. Maximum 33 °C ( Dry Warehouse 1,2,3)
Temperature 22-28 °C ( Cool Room Warehouse )