Kavling AE Industrial Estate MM2100

Modern warehousing goes far beyond simple storage solutions. With the increasing diversification of logistics, supplier, and enterprise models, warehouses are increasingly playing a more integral role in supply chains. As a result, warehouses are now required to provide more flexibility, accessibility and efficient functionality than ever before.

Answering for that need MMP design and build Block AE as a modern logistic warehouse. Build on land area of 35,740m2, Block AE designed and build to answer the need for a multi user tenant who need a flexible and efficient logistic warehouse that easy to access and near to industrial complex.

This two storage modern warehouse has been completed, and  occupied by international tenant such as Yusen Logistic, Superindo, CJ Logistic and Shell

Location : MM2100 Industrial Estate, West Cikarang Bekasi
Land Area : 35.740 m2
Net Leasable Area : 21.200 m2 (first floor)
: 17.500 m2 ( second floor)
Specification – Strategic Location
– Security & CCTV 24 hours
– Smoke detector
– Sprinkle
– Fire Hydrant and Extinguisher
– Genset cover
– Inhouse cleaning service
– Available parking lot
– Canteen service in area
– Height 9 meters
– Floor Capacity 4 ton/sqm


Space Available : 877 sqm